CT Logics

Welcome to CT Logics, a globally recognized vertically integrated business specializing in enhanced reservoir recovery through managed pressure coiled tubing drilling, renewable energy, and a full range of manufacturing, engineering, and operations services. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our operations as we strive to provide innovative and customized solutions to our clients, optimizing their reserves and maximizing their profitability.

Designed for Optimizing Production and Profits

Our electronic control system offers seamless integration across all onsite equipment, providing a single operator with full control over the rig's operations and eliminating third-party control conflicts. This streamlined approach ensures efficient and safe drilling operations, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

  • In house Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, and Drafting
  • Geomechanics Engineering
  • In house proprietary hydraulic design, control systems and software and circuit board design
  • State of the art CNC machines, custom tooling and programming abilities
  • Global support staff available 24/7 Mechanics, Electronics techs

High-yield Economics

Improved “Bit to Barrel” economics with no fracture stimulation operations needed and increased ROP with no connections and real time monitoring of drilling performance. 

Multi-lateral well

Our cutting-edge electrically operated orienter enables precise steering into existing multilateral well paths, allowing for more efficient drilling operations and enhanced reservoir recovery. With this advanced technology, we can navigate complex well paths with ease.

Real Time Monitoring

The ability to measure reservoirs pressure while drilling, logging while drilling, and production while drilling. 

Increase Full Field Economics

Minimize completions operations, increase the amount of reservoir exposure per well, and improve reserve recovery by increasing exposure to the reservoir.


Open Hole Whipstocks – 6” – 8″ O.D.

  • Modular design comprising of no steel parts for ease of future removal if required.
  • Fluid pressure actuated dogs(16 standard) engage into the formation with ratchet system to remain engaged.
  • Fluid pressure actuation for release of whipstock in well bore.
  • Standard 2 3/8” Reg Box top connection.