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OffShore Drilling

Coiled Tubing Injectors

15K, 30K, 60K, 80K, 100K, 140K, 200K
Size rating in lbs, continuous load

Standard Features

  • Load path parts utilizing shear shoulders and bolt together design, no inferior welded connections.
  • Heavy duty chain with uni-roller bearings, removable or integrated gripper blocks.
  • Coiled tubing size 1 ½”-3 ½”.
  • Split head design for ease of chain maintenance and service.
  • Load cell or load pin weight indicators.
  • Operating speed of 1 -100 ft/min.
  • Integrated skate plate/body design.
  • Clamp cylinder back up accumulator system for safety.
  • Hydraulic folding aluminum bolt together gooseneck with treated steel rollers and high load bearings, mounted on a high load slewing bearing. Standard sizes is radius’ 100” and 120”, custom sizes optional.
  • Load pin on gooseneck to monitor reel pull down.
  • Stripper mount to match customer supplied stripper.
  • Gin pole for maintenance safety.
  • Fold down maintenance platforms.
  • Slow speed control for Drilling Applications.
  • DNV lift cage optional for offshore applications.

Parabolic Loops for Wave Compensation Offshore

Rig Control & Monitoring Equipment


  • State of the art PLC control system utilizing high speed Ethernet communications.
  • Multi HMI touchscreens for monitoring and control.
  • Comprehensive Alarm Philosophy.
  • Trending and Data Logging Capabilities.
  • Capability to interface with third party data acquisition and coil monitoring software systems.
  • Built in remote (via the Internet) diagnostic and troubleshooting capability from existing phone or data lines or via satellite.
  • Equipment can be provided to meet ATEX, IECEx and CSA certification for Hazardous locations.

Control Cabin

  • Control cabin in an offshore transport frame. Frame has corner ISO blocks for transport.
  • Cabin is stacked on top of the HPU building. Access is from a fold out stair system.
  • Operator control chair and 2 person desk inside cabin.

Coiled Tubing Reel

  • Heavy duty reel and frame designed for offshore use with lifting aparatus.
  • Drop in drum with optional ground stand.
  • Coiled tubing range from 1 ½” – 3 ½”.
  • Levelwind with dual wheel electronic depth counter with mechanical counter for depth display.
  • Optional tension injector for controlled coiled tubing pay out.
  • Reel shaft provision for e-line collector
  • Levelwind service platform.
  • 2” Fig. 1502 treating iron.
  • Flip down maintenance platforms.
  • Aluminum fabrication used where possible to reduce transport weight.
  • Custom designs available

HPU Building

  • Heavy duty compact sea can design with ISO blocks for offshore transport.
  • Designed for boat motions.
  • Electric, diesel or hybrid power pack.
  • Heavy duty oil cooler.
  • 2 compartment hydraulic tank for operation and BOP system.
  • BOP accumulator bottle pack.
  • Injector, BOP, and stripper control hose reels mounted in front of building.
  • Soundproofed building with Pyroban system

Additional Customizable Drilling Support Systems

Separator Systems

Fluid Retention Systems

Pumping Systems

Filtration Systems