Fluid Directional

Advancing E-line Horizontal Drilling Accuracy With Next Generation Data Acquisition

Fully Instrumented E-Line Coiled Tubing Bottom Hole Assembly

  • Real time measurement while drilling.
  • Near bit Torque reading. Bottom hole weight on bit.
  • Vibrations Sensor for stall detection.
  • 3D Dynamic view while drilling.
  • Remote location monitoring and data uplink.
  • Real Time Data logging.
  • Formation Evaluation

System Overview

  •  The FDT coiled tubing drilling BHA is specifically designed for ease of operation, simple plug and play, modular and  propitiatory communications system.

  • In house manufacturing and electronics, software and mechanical design.
  • Meticulously designed in-house from Coil connector to bit.
  • All manufactured and maintained by FDT employees.
  • An extremely powerful Orienteer, sensor, circulation packages
  • Cable head and coil connector can run independent of each other for enhanced performance in underbalanced drilling, workover and well intervention
  • Real time bottom hole information displayed for easy to interpret operations at all time.


  • Coiled tubing directional drilling system
  • Vertical, horizontal, or directional well profiles (Include multi-lateral capability)
  • Through tubing re-entry drilling
  • Underbalanced drilling operations
  • Real time bottom hole sensor package for all workover and intervention applications.

Bottom Hole Assembly Features

  • Real time Azimuthal focused Gamma for geo steering
  • Modular quick connect tool propitiatory electronics allows quick change and add on tool subs within minutes.
  • 10-minute turn around time to connect and disconnect from Cable Head.
  • Simple self-explanatory steering and surface software allows minimal training to operate.
  • Sensor sub can run stand alone from directional and orienter package for well servicing, workover and stimulation.
  • Electric operated variable flow reverse circulation sub allows surface control to double downhole flows without over speeding the mud- motors.
  • Real time reservoir pressure.
  • Bottom hole differential pressure.
  • Plug and play tool communication system to easily add new subs in tool string simply by making up in tool string. System automatically integrates and incorporates into surface software.
  • Capable of 45°/100 dogleg severity.
  • Single conductor coated E-line allowing simple cable management.
  • Complete configurable data logging interface.
  • 2260 ft/lbs orienter to allow steering while drilling.
  • With CT LOGICS INC’s. unique deployment system, the tool can be deployed under pressure without a 70 ft pressure lubricator.

The True Real Time System

  • Telemetry and downhole tool power from a single conductor wireline to the BHA for continuous monitoring.
  • Surface readout of inclination, azimuth, and tool face enables precise wellbore placement.
  • Other parameters such as downhole drilling mechanics, shock measurements and gamma ray measurements in real time allow for precise depth control and immediate motor stall detection, even when using compressible drilling fluids.
  • The surface control and data collection system can be tailored to output in multiple formats. Internal and external pressures, weight-on-bit, and torque. All displayed in real time

Sensor Sub Features

  • Single conductor wireline connects BHA components to surface
  • Real time readings for down hole weight on bit, torque at bit, tension at bit for unprecedented control of milling operations or sand cleanouts.
  • Vibration sensor for real time mud motor stall indication
  • Formation Temperature
  • Formation pressure
  • Annular and internal pressure sensors calculate ECD and differential pressure near it real time Azimuthal Gamma option for formation logging

Software Options

  • Live well bore modeling well drilling
  • 3D real-time wellbore profile while drilling
  • Compatible with wellbore modeling software
  • Remote viewing capability
  • Complete drilling operations data base Fully customizable drillers interface

Emergency Disconnect

  • Independent disconnect mechanisms in the FDT BHA provides a release point if the BHA gets stuck downhole.
  • This disconnect mechanism reduces the risk of loss in hole or loss of the complete well in the event of stuck pipe incidents.
  • Once disconnected, a GS fishing profile is exposed at the top of the BHA to increase fish recovery success.

Rapid Deployment

  • Optimized BHA length can be deployed with CT LOGICS unique deployment system under pressure, saving time and improving wellsite safety with reducing handling the BHA.

General Specifications

  • Nominal OD, in 3 1/8”, 2 7/8”, 2 3/8”
  • Hole size, in 4.00” to 6.125
  • Max. allowable operational overpull, 120,000 lbs.
  • Absolute Destructive overpull, 172,000 lbs.
  • Max. WOB, 50,000 lbs
  • Max. DLS, 45 °/100 ft BHA/Formation Dependent
  • Max. orienter torque, ft.lbf 2160 ft-lbs, 400 deg. Bidirectional. (Software Limiting torque)
  • Nominal length, including motor, 60 ft, depending on motor type. Max. internal pressure, 15,000 psi unless otherwise specified.
  • Max. annular pressure, 15,000.
  • Operating temperature range,–50 to 150⁰C. Optional 175⁰C.
  • Max. flow rate, 260 gpm max.
  • Shock and vibration sensor, g 90 peak range.
  • Coil tubing size, 2” to 4-1/2”.
  • Tool face, gravimetric and magnetic.
  • Ball drop with burst disc Release Tool Sub
  • Electric Release Tool Sub
  • Upper Cable Bypass Quick Connect Sub with integrated mud saver ball valve
  • Lower Cable Bypass Quick Connect Sub with integrated safety ball valve, dual plunger style check valve, and ‘Go Pin’ bottom connection
  • Sensor Sub with real time data for weight on bit, torque, and pressure.
  • Azimuthal Directional Gamma Sub for precise real time data for Geo-steering in the formation.
  • Variable flow Circulation Sub controlled by the operator
  • Hydraulic Drive Sub with Rotary Orientator Sub for precise real time directional adjustment by the operator.
  • Robust high strength Output Bearing Sub.
  • Downhole Adjustable Back Pressure Valve for low pressure formations.
  • Dual Float Valve Sub with plunger style check valves.
  • Motor and bit to suit formation needs.
  • Electric rotating tool face for multilateral  leg re-entry capabilities.

System Operational Specifications

  • Cable requirement Single conductor wireline inside coil – 5/16 mono conductor Annular and internal pressure sensor range, PSI- 0 to 15,000.

Fluid Compatibility

  • Nitrogen Compatible. Friction reducer compatible. Corrosion inhibitor, KCL.
  • H2S compatible.